Vagabond Marquees

Why Choose Us?


Most of our customers choose us because they’ve been recommended to us and they’re looking for a smaller (perhaps more personal, less commercial), reliable, local supplier - one who can give them the marquee they want at a great price.

Someone nice to deal with - ‘proper’ and trustworthy.

And later they often say they’re glad that they chose us – from the way we treated their garden to the extra effort we put into making their event a success.

Our aims & integrity

Our aim is happy customers and successful events – after all, many of our customers do come from personal recommendation – and some return time after time.

Our approach is not to try to sell you everything under the sun just to maximise how much we can squeeze out of you – we do want your business but not to fleece you.

We also turn down any jobs we have reservations about.


This coming season, 2019, we're in our 15th year - so we’ve got plenty of experience. 

No hidden charges

Some companies will give you a quote and then (when you thought it looked reasonable) add on Vat, delivery & collection, charges for site visits etc. – which could add hundreds of pounds to the total. (Some also add in additional kickbacks for the venue - who you've probably already paid once for the site!)

That's not our style - our Marquee Hire prices are no secret - we tell you how much your marquee will cost – no hidden extras & no nasty surprises so you can budget realistically.

Added to which, you can call us at any time for advice and information – and usually if we need to make an additional site visit, we won't charge you extra - it's all part of the service.

Personal Attention

We’re small & focused on you. As a business, our aim is to get better & better – not just bigger & bigger. We’ll usually book only one or two weddings or events per week from May – September and every one is important to us.

The Best Equipment

Our marquees are top quality commercial marquees from UK firms TectonicsUK and Custom Covers. And condition-wise, as a small business, we really do look after our equipment - in addition to having a regular replacement programme and introducing the latest styles and innovations.

Additional Services

By combining with our 'sister' service, Vagabond Bars, we can sometimes offer you our Bar service (usually best for events of 120+ people) - or on occasion you may just wish to hire some bar equipment. And our ever-growing stock of 'event hire' equipment means that we can also supply events that may not even need a marquee.


So, if you’re interested in hiring from us... what next ?


Typically, the process is...

Get an idea of price – you can usually get a good idea from our online Sample Quotes and, if not, please just get in touch – tell us as much as you know about your event (especially the date and location, if known, so we can check availability) and we’ll put together an estimate for you.

Then, arrange a site visit so we can refine and personalise your requirements. It’s free, there's no obligation - and we're happy to do them at weekends. We’ll simply discuss your event with you, offer suggestions and advice - if required - and refine the quote to make sure we achieve the marquee, the size, layout, and the look that you want. We’ll also check access and any potential problems so there are no surprises when we come to erect the marquee(s).

We'll then send you a personalised quote for your consideration...

And then, when you’re happy, sometimes with a few tweaks, let us know and we’ll send you some paperwork for signature - & you’ll usually need to leave a 20% deposit to secure the booking.

Finally, as the event nears, you can make any adjustments - eg. to table and chair numbers – and you’ll need to pay the outstanding balance.

Then you have a great event !