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Vagabond Bars can provide a fully licensed bar tailored to suit almost any occasion. We’ll take away the headache of organising, setting-up and managing your bar, the stock, the service - and the clean up afterwards. We offer a range of products - draught & bottled beers, real ales, wines, and a wide selection of spirits (well-known, popular brands rather than generics) – together with a range of soft drinks.

Bar Options...

Cash Bar or Pay Bar –  this is the most popular choice whereby guests buy their own drinks, typically priced at about £3.50 for a pint or glass of wine. This service should be free of charge to you, as long as turnover exceeds an agreed level (typically about £1250 - depending on agreed bar prices). If actual turnover is lower, then the charge to you is a percentage of the difference between the two (typically 55%)...

with the option also of...

Part-Payment – whereby you can place a sum of money behind the bar and guests will only start to be charged once this amount has been used-up. As we get close to this figure we will let you know so that you have the option of either putting a further sum behind the bar - or switching to a Pay Bar. A 'cut-off time' (eg. you would like to pay up until a pre-determined time) is another option.

We do suggest having a limit on any free alcohol available ( wine on the tables) as this can seriously affect bar turnover!

Free Bar – if you would like to pay for all your guests' drinks then we can simply present you with an itemised account for payment at the end of the evening.

Price per Head or you can, if you wish, pay a fixed price (typically £15 - £20 per person) for unlimited drinking for the duration of the event.

Drinks on arrival

Many hosts offer their guests a complimentary drink on arrival - usually a glass of wine, champagne or Pimms - alongside a soft drink option. This is generally the best way to cater for a large number of guests quickly, especially if they are likely to arrive en masse, and it will help get your event off to a good start. If we are also providing your bar, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Table Wines

Where your event includes a sit-down meal and you wish to provide wines for the tables, we can supply these and, if we are on-site providing a bar anyway, make them available at the appropriate time with whites &/or rosés chilled as necessary. Similarly, we can organise champagne or sparkling wines for toasts.


To complete our drinks service, we also offer some excellent glassware – better and cheaper than most catering hire co.s! We think our quality glassware will significantly enhance the look of your tables.


For all bar options, there will be a Personal License Holder in attendance. And, as the client, we believe that you should also have a choice on how your bar team are dressed. We offer two options...

Smart-Casual - eg. Black Polo-shirt with Blue jeans

Smart - eg. White shirt / Black trousers.


If a Premises License is not already in force, you will need a Temporary Event Notice (currently £21 from your local Licensing Authority) to legally permit the sale of alcohol. (We can assist with this).

Equipment Hire

If your requirements are simply for equipment hire, please enquire (or see some example prices on the Equipment Hire page). 

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